DHA Karachi Jobs 2024

DHA Karachi Jobs 2024

DHA Karachi Jobs 2024:

The latest DHA Karachi Jobs 2024 – Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority announcement: Dated April 24, 2024, and published in the Daily Nawaiwaqt ePaper, applications are being invited for the positions of AutoCAD Designer, Chef, Cook, Helper, Interior Decorator, Architect, Three-D Visualizer, Xen Civil, and Medical Store Supervisor. Candidates with Intermediate | Bachelor | B.E | BS can apply for these Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority Jobs 2024.

Jobs Positions Availabale In DHA Karachi:

  1. Architect: DHA Karachi seeks talented architects who can design and oversee construction projects within the community. This role requires a deep understanding of architectural design principles, building codes, and project management. Architects will collaborate with engineers, interior designers, and other stakeholders to create functional and aesthetically pleasing structures.

  2. AutoCAD Designer: As part of the engineering and design team, AutoCAD designers play a crucial role in creating detailed technical drawings and blueprints. This position requires proficiency in AutoCAD software and the ability to interpret architectural and engineering concepts to produce accurate designs for various projects within DHA Karachi.

  3. Chef: DHA Karachi offers a role for skilled chefs to manage culinary operations in its residential and commercial establishments. Chefs are responsible for creating menus, overseeing kitchen staff, and ensuring high-quality food preparation. Creativity and a strong sense of taste are key to this position.

  4. Cook: Working alongside chefs, cooks play an essential role in preparing meals and maintaining kitchen operations. This position requires culinary skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Cooks contribute to the overall success of dining establishments within DHA Karachi.

  5. Helper: Helpers assist in various tasks across different departments. This role is ideal for individuals who can work under supervision and are willing to take on multiple responsibilities. Helpers in DHA Karachi might work in kitchens, construction sites, or other operational areas, providing valuable support to their teams.

  6. Interior Decorator: Interior decorators in DHA Karachi are responsible for enhancing the aesthetics of interior spaces. This position requires a keen eye for design, knowledge of color schemes, and the ability to transform spaces into inviting environments. Interior decorators work closely with architects and clients to meet specific design objectives.

  7. Medical Store Supervisor: DHA Karachi’s medical facilities require experienced supervisors to manage their medical stores. This position involves inventory management, procurement, and ensuring the proper storage of medical supplies. Supervisors must have a good understanding of medical products and healthcare regulations.

  8. Three-D Visualizer: Three-D visualizers create realistic 3D models and visualizations for architectural projects. This role involves using software tools to generate lifelike representations of buildings and structures. Three-D visualizers collaborate with architects and engineers to bring design concepts to life.

  9. Xen Civil: The Xen Civil position is a high-level role within the civil engineering sector. This position requires significant experience in civil engineering, project management, and construction oversight. The Xen Civil is responsible for leading teams, managing infrastructure projects, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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