Private Jobs in Rawalpindi/Islamabad 2024

Private jobs in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

A private organization needs staff Apply Now, Private jobs in Rawalpindi/Islamabad 2024

Private jobs in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Apply now to get employed details mentioned above.


  • Receptionist Education: B.A , B.S/ Basic Computer Diploma
  • Office Assistant(Male) Education: Graduate (With Computer knowledge with 50 wpm speed)
  • Maid Education: Matric/F.S.C
  • Security Guard Education: Experienced Army person(Minimum 5 years Experience required) Age:30 to 50.
  • Cook (Male/Female) Education: Minimum 5 years of cooking Experience Age:25 to 45

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Crisis Of Jobs in Pakistan:

  1. Population Growth: Pakistan’s population has been growing rapidly, resulting in a large youth population entering the job market each year. The economy has struggled to create enough jobs to absorb this growing workforce.
  2. Economic Challenges: Pakistan faces various economic challenges, including low GDP growth, high inflation rates, and a large informal sector. These factors constrain the formal job market and make it difficult to create enough employment opportunities.
  3. Skill Mismatch: There is often a mismatch between the skills possessed by the workforce and those demanded by the job market. Many young people lack the necessary skills and qualifications required by employers, leading to unemployment or underemployment.
  4. Industrial Sector Issues: Pakistan’s industrial sector faces challenges such as energy shortages, outdated infrastructure, and bureaucratic hurdles, which hinder its growth and ability to generate jobs.
  5. Informal Sector Dominance: A significant portion of Pakistan’s workforce is employed in the informal sector, which lacks job security, benefits, and legal protections. While this sector provides livelihoods for many, it often perpetuates low wages and poor working conditions.
  6. Educational System: The education system in Pakistan often fails to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for the modern job market. There is a need for reforms to align education with the demands of the economy.
  7. Political Instability: Political instability and security concerns in certain regions of Pakistan can deter investment and economic growth, further exacerbating the job crisis.


Addressing the job crisis in Pakistan requires comprehensive efforts across various fronts, including economic reforms to stimulate growth, investments in education and skill development, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, improving infrastructure, and fostering a conducive business environment.

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